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Sokind Service Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1: General Provisions

1.1. purpose

These Terms and Conditions are aimed at defining the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters between members and the company while using the Sokind (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) provided by the CD Lab Co., Ltd.

1.2. Effectiveness and change of terms and conditions

① These Terms and Conditions are published on the company's homepage screen or disclosed to the member in other ways, and the members who agree to join the service are effective. ② The Company may change the contents of this agreement if it is deemed necessary, and the changed terms and conditions shall be notified so that the member can directly check the website. ③ If the member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, the service may be discontinued or canceled the member registration. If the continuous use, the member shall be considered to be agreed to change the terms and conditions. ④ If a member agrees with the contents of these Terms, these Terms and Conditions are first applied to the company's service provision and service use. Matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions include the Basic Telecommunications Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection Act, Personal Information Protection Act It is based on relevant laws and regulations.

1.3. (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in these terms are as follows. ① 'Member' refers to a customer who connects to the company's 'service', signs a contract with the company according to these agreements, and uses the 'service' provided by the company. ② 'ID (ID)' means an e -mail of letters and numeric combinations that 'members' are determined and 'Company' is approved for the identification of 'members' and 'service'. ③ 'Password' means that it is a 'member' that is consistent with the 'ID' granted by 'Member' and means a combination of characters or numbers determined by 'member' to protect secrets. ④ 'Operator' means a person selected by the company for the overall management of the service and smooth operation. ⑤ 'Service' refers to the related services that can be used by 'members' provided by the company in the environment (including PCs, portable terminals, etc.). ⑥ 'Paid Service' means various artificial intelligence video interview analysis services and services provided by the company for a fee. ⑦ 'Posting' means the information form, photo, photos, various files and links such as the code_moic_ voice_mary_lodge_ video_ video.

Chapter 2 Provision and Use of Services

1.4. (Use of service)

① The Company shall start the service from the start date of the service signed with a member/organization with a member. However, in the case of some services, the service is started from the designated date. ② If the service is not initiated due to the company's business or technical failure, the member shall notify the member with the homepage or e -mail/letter without delay. ③ The use of the service shall be 24 hours a day.

1.5. (Change of service)

① The company can change some of the services to provide better services to members. ② The member must follow the service that the company changes, and may request an additional change or termination if it is not satisfied.

1.6. (Suspension of service)

(1) The company shall not be responsible for changing the service, suspension, and information loss depending on the situation such as disasters or disasters that are out of the company's management scope, such as emergency and power outage. ② The Company shall make efforts to shorten the time to provide normal provision of the service or to provide normal service even if the situation occurs in paragraph 1. ③ The service may be suspended due to the company's work or technical reasons, and the service may be suspended during the period that the company pre -determined for operational purposes such as regular inspection. ④ The Company shall notify the member if the service must be permanently suspended due to the company's circumstances.

1.7. (Save and use of information)

① The Company shall be responsible for safely storing and processing information entered or registered by the member. ② The member shall be responsible for maintaining the latest information by checking the input or registered information from time to time.

1.8. (Restriction of use of service)

① The Company may restrict the use of the service of the member, such as suspending the use of the service or terminating the contract if the member finds the act of the member as shown in each of the following. In this case, the company may notify the member of the reason for the restriction of service. However, the notification of the suspension of service to members can be followed. 1. If the service is used for the purpose of slander of a company, other members, or third parties, or to damage the honor. 2. If you use the service using the information of someone other than yourself 3. In case of violation of public order and breeze 4. If it is deemed to be associated with criminal acts 5. Infringing other rights, such as copyrights of third parties, 6. Input or register information that does not meet the nature of the service 7. In case of violation of other related laws and regulations set by the company ② The Company may suspend the use of the service of a specific member if it is determined that the entire service is affected by the security vulnerability of the member's information processing system (smartphone, PC, etc.). In this case, the member must satisfy the necessary security requirements so that the service can be used.

1.9. (Provision of information and publication of advertising)

① The Company can provide various information that is deemed necessary for the use of the member's service in various ways such as e -mail, text message, and app push. ② Members may receive reception if they do not want the information despite paragraph (1). In this case, the company will provide technical support for refusal to receive information.

1.10. (Data ownership)

① Member's service usage data can be used by the company for research and development purposes such as artificial intelligence technology to improve the service and provide new service functions. ② The ownership of the data that the member entered or registered through the membership registration or revision of the member information shall be in the member. However, if the company has data to improve service performance, the company shall be owned by the company. ③ Members cannot commercially use the data obtained according to the use of the service.

1.11. (Company ownership)

① The company owns the service provided by the company, the intellectual property and other rights related to the software, images, marks, logos, design, service names, information and trademarks. (2) Except for the case that the company explicitly approved, the member is revised, rental, loan, sales, distribution, production, transfer, re -license, mortgage, and commercial use of all or part of paragraph 1. It cannot be done, and it cannot allow third parties to do this.

Chapter 3 Others

1.12. (Prohibition of transfer)

Members cannot transfer or donate the status of other contracts, which are the right to use the service, and not provide it as collateral.

1.13. (Compensation for damages)

The member shall compensate for the damages if the company is damaged by the act of violating the contents of this agreement.

1.14. (Exemption clause)

① The Company is exempt from responsibility for providing services if the company cannot provide the service due to the natural disasters or inquisition. ② The Company shall not be responsible for the disability of the use of the service due to the member's fault. ③ The Company shall not be liable for damages caused by the profits of the member's expectation or the data obtained through the service.

1.15. (Liberal Court)

① If there is a dispute between the company and the member in connection with the use of the service, the company and the member shall make all the efforts necessary to solve the dispute that occurred. (2) In spite of the provisions of paragraph (1), if a lawsuit is filed against the disputes arising from the use of the service, a court of jurisdiction shall be the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction.

1.16 (Post of Terms and Conditions)

The company posts the contents of this terms on the initial screen or connection screen so that members can easily know.

1.17 (Revision of Terms and Conditions)

① The Company may revise this agreement to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the 'Information and Communication Network Act'). ② If the company revises the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the amendment is specified, and the application date of the amendment of the terms and conditions in accordance with the current terms and conditions (30 days before the change of the Terms of the Terms of the Terms is 30 days before the consumer) Notice until the day before the date of application. However, in the case of the amendment of the terms and conditions that are disadvantageous to members, it shall be clearly notified separately through electronic means such as e -mail and consent window in the case of login in addition to the notice.

Current Service Terms and Conditions Enforcement Date: 2022. 08. 01